Los Angeles Research Paper

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Personally I think that Los Angeles is the best place to live in among the suggested cities. I will mention both advantages and disadvantages of living there and compare LA with another major American cities.
To start with, I should say that apart from my own liking for this place, there are a lot of important features of living in this city which make one's life better. First of all, the population density in LA, which is about 3040/km2, is quite high, but in contrast with Chicago, where the density is about 4447/km2, the city is not overpopulated, and it is not as densely populated as New York, where the density is 160/km2. So, Los Angeles is the golden mean. The weather is also very pleasant: one won't die from heat in summer as it is only 25C, while the average July high temperature in
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In winter it is 9,4 degrees above zero, which is far warmer than the average January temperatures in NY and especially in Chicago. However, the average January low temperature in Miami is still higher than LA's temperature, as it is 15 degrees above zero. In addition, Los Angeles has the lowest rainfall index among the given cities, so there's not much of a chance of catching a cold, and the biggest amount of sunny days. As you can see, the weather conditions in LA are wonderful and definetely count as an advantage of living in Los Angeles. Furthermore, in comparison with Miami and Dallas' crime indexes, the crime index in LA is not very high. On the other hand, it is a pity that the air quality in Los Angeles is incredibly bad as it is only 1 point out of 100, which makes the air quality index in LA the lowest, whereas Miami has 65,3 points and Dallas has 32,3. Unfortunately, the cost of living in Los Angeles is rather high, exceeding the average USA cost 1.5 times and being only a bit lower than in New York. However, the sales tax in LA is not very big in contrast with Chicago and NY's indexes.
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