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On Friday I had the honor to visit the historical Rancho Los Cerritos House; also known as Rancho Los Cerritos or Casa de los Cerritos, in Long Beach, California, it was the largest and most impressive adobe residence raised in southern California during the Mexican period. The structure of the house was built in 1844 by merchant Jonathan Temple, a Yankee pioneer who became a Mexican citizen. Los Cerritos means "the little hills" in English. It was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1970. I wasn’t lucky enough to visit this phenomenal and historical place until I took advantage of my history assignment and I decided to visit Rancho Los Cerritos with the company of some of my friends. On a Friday morning we took the chance and we…show more content…
In 1929, Llewellyn Bixby (Jotham 's nephew) bought the property, and made broad redesigns to the house, including mortar bond covering, another red-tiled rooftop, power, plumbing, chimneys, a sun patio, new floors and a significant part of the landscaping. Llewellyn Bixby passed on in 1942, and the family sold the house to the City of Long Beach in 1955. The City transformed the house into an exhibition hall devoted to teaching the general population about California 's rancho period, so that the public can get the chance of exploring this phenomenal and historical site.

After watching the 15 minute video we moved outside of the building and we signed up to visit the house. During this 5 minutes wait I saw Jean Bixby wedding dress, which she donated; it was a very beautiful and unique wedding dress, it grabbed my attention, and I kept looking at it figuring its style. Then we went to see the house. We entered from a big door where there was a left wing, right wing and the house on the front. On the right wing were the laundry room in which there where two servants that do the laundry once a week, it takes two full days; one day they do the laundry and then the next full day they do the ironing. A thing that was really very interesting to know is that for their dresses and suits they used to wash it once every two years as they take off every individual piece wash it and then sew it all again together. Then the next room we visited was the food store room where

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