Los Tech University 's Presidential Lecture And Performance Series

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With extended legs and pointed toes, graceful movements seized the stage of Texas Tech University’s Presidential Lecture and Performance Series which presented Complexions Contemporary Ballet on April 1st, 2016. The event took place in the Texas Tech Allen Theatre at 7:00 PM. The founding artistic directors of the dance company are Dwight Rhoden and Desmond Richardson. The dance company consisted of about 13 people, with a mixture of males and females. The entire performance was a contemporary ballet, but included modern dance style as well. The performances were comprised of solos, duets, male or female sections, and a mixture of couple interaction. Before the ballet, the lights were dim and there were only a few lights directed towards the stage. The lighting and set design varied for each performance and used spotlights to bring the audience’s attention to particular dancers. Although the atmosphere was relatively quiet, the audience was respectful, enthusiastic, and seemed to be intrigued by the performances. Complexions Contemporary Ballet projected intense passion into each performance which contributed to an emotion-evoking experience and a sense of synchronization between each dance. The first act of any show is essential in capturing the audience’s focus; the performance Ballad Unto lived up to that expectation. This dance grasped my attention because I was not sure what to expect from the dance company and this dance was choreographed, by Dwight Rhoden, with…
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