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Luis Valdez wrote “Los Vendidos” in order to address his view of the Mexican culture and in reference to the prejudices that surrounded him. The play defines four versions of Mexican men, shop owner Honest Sancho is trying to sell to a Secretary in Governor Reagan’s political office. The buildup of characters: The Farmworker, Johnny Pachuco, The Revolucionario, and the Mexican-American, symbolizes an evolution of what society deems the “ideal” Mexican-American should be. “Los Vendidos” translates to "The Sold Ones" or "The Sellouts” which is a solid interpretation of Valdez’s opinion on Mexican’s conformity to the American culture. Valdez creates a distinct characterization of all four models, Miss Jimenez, and Honest Sancho with snarky…show more content…
The racist connotation that Miss Jimenez associates with who she thinks would “fit in” society’s box is a definite reflection of the hardships Valdez witnessed in his community. For example, the Zoot Suit Riots that occurred in 1944 was rooted by a reaction by young Mexican-American males against a culture that did not want them to be a part of it. Stuart Cosgrove examines this issue when he states, "In the most obvious ways they had been stripped of their customs, beliefs and language.” (*Vargas 317) These youths were going through an identity crisis because they did not know which culture they could identify with. Miss Jimenez is a character that embodies that repression Valdez explains in “Los Vendidos.” As the scene progresses, Sancho demonstrates the Farmworker’s capabilities and strong work ethics the scene develops into a political parody. Sancho explains this particular model is designed to go on strike. The Farmworker rebels against society in this scene and Miss Jimenez quickly moves onto the next model in fear this outspoken Farmworker would cause a rebellion instead of shedding positively on her (and the Reagan administration’s) view of the ideal Mexican. The play continues with Johnny Pachuco, who is the stereotypical Mexican gangster. He is the type that uses weapons and steals from people. He has trouble with the law, gets arrested, and is
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