Losing Parents Essay

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The death of a mother or a father may have a completely different impact on a child than just having a father or mother and not communicating with either, or. Research was conducted to find methods of support for children when they lose a parent. Children who are affected by the loss of a parent may be at risk for having mental health issues and could face lifelong threats to their emotional well – being. (Bergman, Ann-Sofie, et al. "When a Parent Dies -- a Systematic Review of the Effects of Support Programs for Parentally Bereaved Children and Their Caregivers." BMC Palliative Care, vol. 17, 10 Aug. 2017, pp. 1-15.). Losing a parent can increase long – risk of suicide and cause problems in school (Bergman et. al 2). The test results showed that when the children participated in the various interventions and activities, there was a large effect on their traumatic grief and their parent’s feelings of being supported. There was a medium effect on the children’s health and a small effect on children’s PTSD symptoms, anxiety, depression, self – esteem, and behavior problems. (Bergman et. al 13). This information coordinates with my thesis statement because it shows some of the effects that losing a parent has on children. When a child loses a parent, it can affect them then and later on in their life. The lack of parental figures can also cause problems in a child’s future and impact the way they raise their children. For example, a child can lose their parents at a young
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