Losing Sight Analysis

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William Kraft, a musical composer and conductor, once said, “When you go to the theater, if you’re really involved in the play, you don’t think about it – you’re in it.” This quote from William Kraft is especially true for the One Act plays I attended. The smaller theater space and closer proximity to the stage allowed you to more involved in the play than if you were seated farther away. In the following response, a synopsis and critique of three of the plays I saw will be given.
The first act of the night was a play titled “Losing Sight.” To summarize this play, there was a talented painter with diminishing vision. Because of his impending blindness, the painter tried to seclude himself from and push away all his family and friends. With the help of his deceased grandfather and ex-girlfriend, the painter learned to accept his fate and return to life in the company of others.
The plot of “Losing Sight” is constructed around the painter’s search for a new identity after his old identity, which was found in painting, was taken from him. The plot follows a normal plot structure beginning with an exposition and ending with a resolution. The three characters in the play worked off each other nicely. The painter brought seriousness and sadness to the play while the grandfather added a comedic side to the play that kept it from feeling overwhelmingly depressing. The third character in the play was the painter’s ex-girlfriend who gave the painter something/someone to hold onto
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