Losing Someone Close Is Not Any Easy Task

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Losing someone close is not any easy task. I always looked in the mirror and told myself, “It will get better, I will make it through this storm.” Only to slowly be brought back into reality and try understand that they are never going to come back. You get comfortable with it, after having to do it every day, multiple times. Waking up to call a name that will not be mentioned again because it is too painful to rethink. It seems like every day becomes harder and even more difficult to overcome. I thought that we would live forever, that every person would stay healthy and live forever. I come to realize extremely fast that I was very wrong. I woke up one warm, sunny morning and did my usual morning routine. At age seven, there isn’t too much to do besides brush my hair and teeth. I got dressed and ate a small, quick breakfast to accompany my mother to run errands. After going to various different stores, we eventually went to meet my sister’s father in order to get a little cash for the babysitter. Finally we go home and sit in the living room to rest after being in the blistering sun. Everyone sitting around the room, talking amongst each other and watching television. There my dear mother sat on the couch, inhaling the terrible toxins of her cigarette. Talking to my grandma, her mother, about the upcoming plans of this week. Her lips began to turn a light shade of blue, my mom sitting there with a dazed look on her face as the color of blue on her lips begin to darken.
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