Losing The Color Blind Mind

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The place we come from shapes our ideas of the world and our understanding. Richard Milner IV, “Losing the Color-Blind Mind in the Urban Classroom” (2012) highlights people who don’t view themselves as racist can have trouble understanding how racism works and how it manifests through policies in structures that prevent minorities from succeeding in classroom plus through life. Milner’s insist teachers need to stop using the color blind mindset by recognizing the color differences of themselves and their students. He supports that it’s impossible to build connections between students if we don’t acknowledge race. He continues in suggesting curriculum be built to reflect the racial and ethnic background of students. He establishes not infusing race/ethnic conscious curriculum marginalizes a group from being recognized of their contribution to society. In addition students from a specific ethnic backgrounds miss opportunities to deepen their knowledge about other ethnic groups (critical constructivist). Collectively peoples social, historical, and cultural knowledge shapes who they are. Kincheloe, Joe L. (2005) highlights to acquire knowledge it’s misleading to assume it’s based merely on memorizing facts and truths. Kincheloe continues to claim that “critical constructivist” attempt to maximize our understanding through discovery and engagement not memorization. Constructivist rebuttal factual info is transferred from teacher to pupil. However, knowledge is constructed by the…
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