Losing Your Job Because You Are not an Asset Essay

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No job is guaranteed as there are many factors that contribute to how long a person will hold their current job position. These factors include, but are not limited to: job performance, job attendance, sexual harassment in the workplace, job safety, alcohol/drug abuse, and economy. Some of these factors could make working conditions unfavorable while others could make the workplace unsafe. Employees who do not follow the policies and procedures of their employers run the risk of losing their job. The performance of a worker helps determine if he or she will be an asset to the employer. If a worker performs the job task accurately while doing so in a timely manner, and possibly showing the initiative to do more than what is required, then…show more content…
Employees need to practice safety at all times. Carelessness by the employee can cause harm to others as well as their self. For instance, an employee is driving an end loader and has stacked boxes on it without properly securing the load. The employee is turning a corner where there are other employees standing, the boxes fall off and hit the other employees causing possible injury to the other employees. This type of irresponsibility can cause a lawsuit to the employer and in all probability the employee his or her job. Alcohol/drug abuse is another problem in today’s work force. The use of alcohol/drugs can impair a worker’s judgment and safety habits. Most employers now have the right to test you for using alcohol/drugs. Even use of alcohol/drugs the evening before work can result in positive results on a test, depending on the amount used. For instance, a truck driver is out heavily drinking until 1:00 a.m.. When he arrives to work at 5:00 a.m., the employer conducts a random alcohol/drug test on him and he tests positive. Depending on the employer's policy, this could be anything from counseling to immediate termination of employment. Economy plays a role in every aspect of employment. A bad economy can lead to lack of funding for projects and employees. When an employer is taking in less income than they are paying to keep employees changes have to be made. This could be anything from reduced benefits,
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