Losing a Friend

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My memory can only place certain moments of that day into a sequence that makes any sort of sense in my head. I recollect the fluttering, fluorescent light bulbs that seem to put me into some sort of morbid spotlight for all to see, and the smell, the sterile smell of a life ended. Much like that of a movie, I saw everything in that hopeless sort of slow motion as if to somehow slow down the reality of what I was to become of me and my family. The early morning of March 24, 2006 was nothing if not the one-day that will forever be seared into my brain. Much like the ritual of an owner branding its animal, I will forever be marked with the horror of that morning.

I was always a very happy child with a great family and the privilege
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In a fit of teen angst I told her that I had wished that she would just get out of my life, and she did. She developed the MRSA virus and peacefully died in her hospital bed after a week of complaining about feeling sick. I don’t believe that I could have ever imagined the regret I feel everyday for saying that to her.

With every event in somebody’s life come a lesson that they will carry with them forever. I realized on that morning that life is the most precious and wonderful gift imaginable. Love and respect are all pieces to the puzzle of true happiness in life and unfortunately I learned that lesson too late. Though I carry all of these wonderful memories with me about my wonderful cousin Kerra, I feel an emptiness that will never be filled. Not only did I not get to say goodbye, I hurt her and those were the last words she ever heard from me. I feel like the most privileged person on this planet to have had the time I spent with my cousin and I will never forget those memories but life is precious and I’ve ultimately learned to treat each moment as if it was my last. Live life and enjoy the memories and never forget to remind the people that you love how important they truly are in your
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