Loss, Breakup And Sorrow

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Loss, breakup and sorrow

Grief is part of the process of healing and recovery from a loss.

Grieving is a very personal experience with a strong cultural perspective and there is no pattern regarding the length of mourning and grief.

Experiencing the loss of a loved one takes a heavy toll on your emotional health. Anyhow you grieve for your loss, grief is sufferance, and there is always a point when you cannot take it anymore. It always comes a day when you want to let go and you want to step further, beyond your pain.

Unfortunately, beginning the healing and recovery process is not simple. When your grief lasts too long or is too intense, when you’re going to extremes to avoid thinking or talking about your loss, when you have no more tears to cry, when you’re overwhelmed and incapacitated because of your persistent grief, pain, sadness and fear, than most probably you need help.

When you’ll be ready to let go of your loss and to move on, I can help you ease your painful feelings that are holding you back. You can’t be free of your past as long as you don 't release the negative emotions attached to it. Traditional hypnotherapy can help you remove sadness, anger, rage, resentment, blame, terror and the underlying feelings of pain, helplessness, and fear, can help you to remain calm and rational when thinking or talking about your loss.

The sorrow, that feeling of deep distress caused by loss, disappointment, or other misfortune that powerful driving force behind all…

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