Loss Of Control Essay

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Many years ago, I was in the home of a person who was $200 behind on her phone bill, (Remember this was the early 90s…that was a HUGE phone bill for the times), call the phone company and yell and scream at the customer service person on the other end. Her rationale for not paying was absolutely ridiculous. This person was so rude and obnoxious, in the end the customer service person wrote off the bill. As soon as the customer service person gave the person what she wanted, she switched off the witch and resumed her normal tone of voice. I was shocked at this person’s behavior…..I was also fresh out of college and believed everyone wanted to change and have a better life. I hope you didn’t burn yourself when you spit out your coffee laughing…show more content…
Many of them did not expect a wolf to come to their pasture. They have a feeling of loss of control. When people have the feeling of loss of control and an increase in vulnerability, they are like an injured animal, snapping at anyone who comes close even those trying to help. Try to remember how it feels to not have control. Let them vent. By allowing them to vent, it is like letting loose of an untied balloon. At some point the air will go out of the balloon. At some point, the emotional anxiety and frustration will peak and then taper down. Some of the victims are looking for a place to put their anger and frustration at themselves for allowing themselves to be put in the position of being a victim (leaving their purse in the car, leaving the keys in the vehicle, believing Johnny was going to stop drinking). As the emotion dissipates, ask factual seeking questions such as name, date of birth, phone, etc. This helps pull the victim from being in a high emotional state to a more rationale state of being. Once the emotional balance has been restored, you can move to more emotionally sensitive questions. Many victims don’t think they will be victims. The wolves don’t come into their pasture; the wolves go into other people’s pastures. Reality sucks
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