Loss Of Freedom In The Story Of An Hour

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Kate Chopin's "The story of an Hour" is a short yet complex piece describing the feelings and Mrs. Mallard. The most prominent theme of this story is the longing for freedom. Chopin focuses on unfolding the emotional state of Mrs. Mallard which can be separated in out three stages: quickly moving to grief, through a sense of newfound freedom, and finally into despair of the loss of that freedom. In the beginning of “Story of an Hour” the scene opens up and we are introduced to Mrs. Mallard who has been told that her husband has dead in a horrible train accident. At the same time, she is introduced as a woman who suffers heart trouble. One of the main cause of heart disease is absence of free blood circulation and I think this deficit is result…show more content…
Mallard is up in her room because she merely wants time for herself. Everybody thinks that Mrs. Mallard is in sorrow but she is taking new things coming to her. She is standing in front of her window and everything around her is in full bloom, spring has arrived. Mrs. Mallard is now being reborn. She is now free, free from the shadow of her husband. Winter has now died and spring has now been born. In some sense the same applies for Mrs. Mallard the winter being her husband has now died and spring being her new found freedom has been born. Finally, Mrs. Mallard finally opens the door and walks out like a goddess of victory but she shortly faces harsh reality that she never wants to be run. Brently Mallard is waiting for her. Her bright hope is just about to turns to despair. At this point, Mrs. Mallard collapses and dies of what the doctor’s later say was of a heart disease. Her freedom had now been taken away from her in a matter of an hour. I think that it was very ironic for them to use the word “joy” in the last sentence of this story, because it was actual joy that she felt when she realized her husband was dead, and pain so great that killed her when she saw him walk through the door. Mrs. Mallard thought that she could set free fromher husband death but ironically, she finally sets free from her own
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