Loss Of Sense Analysis

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Loss of Sense

The average person has five senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste. Our senses all work together to warn us of danger. At any given moment, at least one of the senses is being engaged, even when we are asleep. How would I choose which one I could do without if I had to? I am very thankful that all of my five senses are intact and function well. If I had to give up one of my senses though, I think that it would be my sense of taste. I would have great difficulty losing my sight or hearing, because those are my main senses for communication and sensing danger. My sense of touch would be hard to do without too. Losing physical, emotional contact with the world would be devastating and very depressing for me. I am a very touchy, feely person with my loved ones. Losing the sense of smell, I think I could do without, but again, I think it plays a more important role in sensing danger (smelling a fire before you see it, smelling the milk is bad before you taste it, etc.)
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I would miss the taste of my Granny’s home cooking. I would miss the taste of my favorite ice cream and many other things that I love to eat. Eating in general would get very boring not being able to taste it. Then again that might be a good thing. Trying to eat healthy can sometimes be a little bland. If I had no sense of taste, it sure would make eating healthy a lot easier. You would have to be careful though to make sure that you getting the proper nutrients that your body needs and make sure that your body is digesting properly since you sense of taste plays a role in the body’s digestion, by triggering the salivary glands. You would also have to be careful to avoid food poisoning; make sure to read expiration dates, smell foods for foul or funny
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