Loss Of Teeth Research Paper

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Alaska Dental Arts North Pole has become known in the North Pole area for providing thorough, welcoming, stress-free, affordable dentist visits. Their team provides everything from teeth whitening, veneers, and dental implants, but so much of your dental health depends on what you do outside of the dentist office. Your diet, for instance, is hugely influential.

What can seem like normal eating can lead to cavities, the need for a dental crown, or worse, infection. Here are a some reasons to reduce your intake of gluten, sugars, and starches and make sure you brush well after consuming them.

Tooth Decay: Sugars and carbohydrates can be harmful if left on your teeth because the bacteria that cause tooth decay feed on sugar. When sugar is left on or between your teeth, bacteria spreads and can cause the weakening of enamel, and, eventually, cavities. This is especially common when you eat sticky candies, like taffy, gummies, or caramels.
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If you eat gluten, starches, and sugars without effective dental hygiene practices, the sugars that make them up can damage gums and the onset of this condition.
Plaque Buildup: You can feel plaque building up on your teeth as it’s happening because it seems like a sticky film. Plaque is not desirable, first because it causes teeth to appear mossy, yellowed, and dull, and second because the stickiness of plaque attracts acid and that acid breaks down your teeth. Plaque, in short, leads to much larger whole-mouth problems.
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