Loss of Innocence

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However, when it comes to loss of innocence, the body gives in to anything, temptation, sin, and many others. In the poem, “Loss of Innocence” (Stewart), innocence becomes useless as other problems take over, in place of innocence. It is almost as if “Innocence swept away” (Stewart) and as a replacement, “Sinful satisfaction sweeps over”(Stewart). The loss of innocence requires time, like in the book Tuesdays with Morrie, where Morrie Schwartz has to live with the growing fear of death. Albom’s sympathetic tone allows the reader to experience his feelings when talking along side of Morrie Schwartz using words like "quivered" or "detach". These fears come in stages and show how Morrie gathers his thoughts about death. Even with the help of Mitch Albom, he cannot do anything to stop his innocence from being taken away. When Morrie became diagnosed with ALS, his first reaction was that he didn’t want to die in pain. This is compared to how, “Curiosity grows, finding new ground” (Stewart) which begins to grow on him. He would want to stay and do everything by himself, like going to the bathroom, because he doesn’t want to become dependent on others. But he didn’t like the fact of staying in bed because he believed that, “When you’re in bed, you’re dead.” (Albom, 131). As Mitch appears to Morrie’s need he begins to reconsider his thoughts about the life he has lived. However, the problem still daunts…

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