Loss of Innocence

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Innocence is usually associated with youth and ignorance. The loss of one's innocence is associated with the evils of the world. However, the term "innocence" can be interpreted in a variety of ways. Similarly, the loss of one's innocence can be interpreted in more than one way, and, depending on the interpretation, it may happen numerous times. The loss of innocence is culture specific and involves something that society holds sacrosanct. It is also bounded by different religious beliefs. Still, no matter which culture or religion is at hand, there is always more than one way to lose one's innocence, and every member of that particular culture or religion experiences a loss of innocence at least once in their lives. In addition,…show more content…
Being in the midst of hardship also leads to a loss of innocence. An individual is more desperate during tough times and have a tendency to be impulsive. Because of this, learning to survive through the difficult situations becomes a loss of innocence. In The Grapes of Wrath, by John Steinbeck, the Joad family has to migrate to find work during the Great Depression. The family faces many difficulties and a few members leave the family. Through the journey Tom Joad, the main character of the novel, acquires a rare strength, thoughtfulness, and moral certainty. Through his struggles, Tom realizes that he cannot stand by as a silent witness to the world's injustices; he cannot work for his own family's well being by taking bread from another family. Ultimately, his loss of innocence compels him to leave the family in order to set out on a course of public action. Tom's loss of innocence gives him strength he will have to help others the rest of his life, but it also gives him a sense of sadness, from the situation of his family, and loneliness, from his accepted purpose in life. These feelings will stay with him as he helps others who are also struggling to survive. Being in a life of drama, betrayal and love, easily causes a character to lose his or her innocence. In the book Memoirs of a Geisha," the main character, Sayuri, is taken away from her father. She experiences

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