Loss of Innocence in A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier

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A prominent theme in A Long Way Gone is about the loss of innocence from the involvement in the war. A Long Way Gone is the memoir of a young boy, Ishmael Beah, wanders in Sierra Leone who struggles for survival. Hoping to survive, he ended up raiding villages from the rebels and killing everyone. One theme in A long Way Gone is that war give innocent people the lust for revenge, destroys childhood and war became part of their daily life. In the A Long Way Gone, Ishmael Beah, a twelve-year-old explains how he used to go on a swim with his friends and his love for rap music and hip-hop dance. When Ishmael and his friends went to visit Mattru Jong, they visited Ishmael's grandparents in Kabati. While staying at the Mattru Jong, they…show more content…
Then, the boys were caught by a group of guarding villagers and they were sent to the chief of the village. When the chief is decides to drown the boys, the rap tape in Ishmael's pocket leads them to discover that they aren't a threat and only innocent boys. The boys stayed in Kamator for one month until it was finally attacked. Ishmael and his brother were seperated and never seen him again even his friends. Surviving alone in the forest for a month, Ishmael was able to find the exit of the forest and joins a group other boys. When the boys reach seashore, they were caught by fishermen. The fishermen gave the boys shoes because of their severe burn feet on the hot sand. After two weeks, the villagers caught the boys and when the chief saw Ishmael's rap cassette, they allows them to leave. When they are travelling to the next village, Saidu became sick and quiet. When they boys arrived, A woman was able to tell Ishmael about his family in the next village. The next day, Saidu died at night and he was givena funeral arrangements and Ishmael and the other boys became sad because of their friend's sudden death. After Saidu's death, they head to the next village looking forward seeing their families. They came across Gasemu and walk with him, but when they reached the village, the rebels were already attacking and the boys were hiding. Then, the rebels were able to hear them and Gasemu and the boys began to run while the

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