Loss of Innocence in Lullabies for Little Criminals by Heather O’Neill

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Young adults are losing their childhood innocence; replacing it with the world of adulthood. The most reoccurring theme throughout the book, Lullabies for Little Criminals by Heather O’Neill is the loss of innocence. The protagonist named Baby, lives with her father, Jules who is a heroin addict. Jules and Baby are constantly moving to different apartments in Montreal, where Baby is exposed to drugs, juvenile detention and forced into prostitution by her pimp. Baby experiences many obstacles in her life at the age of thirteen because she doesn’t have a father that loves her enough to guide her into the right path of life. Therefore it did not take long for Baby to lose her innocence. In society, many kids are exposed to drugs at a very…show more content…
Baby gets the idea that she is being used by Alphonse for sex, but he is the only adult figure in her life; she forces herself to believe that their love is true. Eventually Alphonse forces Baby to become a prostitute for him and his other friends. Baby has definitely lost her innocence because she’s battling between childhood and the adult world. Baby is no longer a typical twelve year old. Prostitution is something that a twelve year old shouldn’t be doing. At this point it shows that although Baby is a child, she has the mindset of an adult. Baby does not realize that once she loses her innocence, it’s not something that she can get back. She’s missed the best stage of life, which is childhood. Baby often spent a lot of time with her pimp, Alphonse. Many people around her viewed her differently because to her dad and her close friends, a twelve year old shouldn’t be involving herself with a pimp, who caused her to go to juvenile detention for awhile “ I missed Jules and I couldn’t believe the he had sent me away” (O’ Neill 189). Baby was involved with drugs and was getting corrupted. Juvenile detention was to help Baby realize that she is still very young and to acknowledge that what she was doing is not acceptable at this age, that she’s only ruining her life. “Becoming a child again is what is impossible…childhood id the most valuable thing that’s taken away

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