Loss of Life During the Darfur Conflict

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The Darfur conflict took the lives of many people. The government didn’t want to deal with what was happening in community so they turned the public against each other as an effort to get the people to blame it on something else, though the government thought that this will have happened anyway and denying all of their effort. History The Darfur Conflict took place in Sudan, Africa. Darfur is 170,000 miles; they have many volcanic high lands. They can get heavy rain fall. “(1)”The Marrah Mountains are one of their famous mountains in Darfur.”(1)” It was started by the government hitting a military base in 2003.”(3)” Before the military base hit the government was having some environmental issues. They didn’t have enough natural resources for their people. The government had a lot of food and water shortages. The Darfur conflict was then put in the arms of the Janjaweed. These people were Arabs. They thought that they had to cleanse the community of any non-Arabs people. The government agreed and the people fought back. This was the start of the civil war in Darfur. The government they supported the Janjaweed and thought that if they left to them their laundry will continue to be clean.”(7)” By the government obtaining to this they became in denial of what was actually happening in their community. They Janjaweed were killing, raping, starving, and torturing the people of Darfur, because they didn’t like that they were not Arab”(3)” This all along was the plan of the
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