Lost Geographies Of Power By John Allen

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Case Study
Power is present in many forms. In his book Lost Geographies of Power, John Allen suggested that power can be found where relationships and social interactions exist. (Allen, 2003). The network of people coming from war torn countries and personal hardships to seek asylum in Australia is just one example of how power can be exercised. The Refugee Council of Australia defines an asylum seeker as a person who has sought protection as a refugee, but whose claim for refugee status has not yet been assessed. (Who are asylum seekers?, 2016) This definition is further extended by Amnesty International, they provide that not every asylum seeker will ultimately be recognised as a refugee, but every refugee is initially an
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In addition, asylum seekers and their treatment on Australian soil is an example of how power affects self and community networks for asylum seekers.

Body 1:
All asylum seekers that attempt to arrive by boat onto Australian shores are immediately put into detention. Special detention centres have been built specifically for this use. The detention centres located on Nauru and Manus Islands are two of the most commonly known centres. The purpose of these centres is to deter refugees from attempting to reach the Australian mainland by threat of mandatory detention. (The Lancet, 2017). These two islands are only a few of the many detention centres around Australia dedicated to housing asylum seekers. John Allen noted that geography and power seem to run together in many different ways. (Allen, 2003) This can be related to the power held by the Australian government to deny asylum seekers entry into the country. Allen asserts that most political disputes over land and territory have geography at their core. (Allen, 2003) Asylum seekers for whichever reason, most commonly to escape war or violence have left their home country for a different country. Their desire to change geographical location stays true to the words of Allen. Further, in his words:
“then there are those unsettling moments when you find yourself on the receiving end of a blunt decision or insensitive instruction taken by some far off
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