Lost Identity

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Running head: LOST IDENTITY Lost Identity Introduction to Literature 125 April MacGrotty Aug 22, 2010 Lost Identity Literary works have been around for centuries to be enjoyed by its many readers, keeping them enthralled and mystified at the same time. Authors that write literature generally write with the intent of conveying a message to their reader. Not all messages are easily conveyed and many times readers develop their own interpretation of what the author’s meaning or the moral to the writing is. Literary works are written as short stories, poems, dramas and plays incorporating different elements, such as the setting, theme, characterization and conflict to tell their story. In…show more content…
Leroy loafs around the house smoking marijuana and taking on projects expected by women to do such as needlepoint and sewing. Most annoying to Norma Jean is the promise made by Leroy and his insistence of building a log cabin that she has no interest in whatsoever. As the story proceeds Norma is compared to a goldfinch flying at the bird feeder closing its wings and opening them again and flying away. Norma had closed her wings to Leroy only to marry because she was pregnant and her mother would have been upset. Now sixteen years later she is spreading her wings to new adventures to fly away from Leroy and her mother. In the end of the story Norma Jean gives in to the persistence of her mother wanting her and Leroy to visit Shiloh one of America’s historical battle site to reconcile their differences, bending their marriage. It is now that Leroy sees the battle of that his own marriage has been going through to survive this long. Did Norma Jean lose her love for him after the baby’s death or did she out grow his love only tolerating marriage because he was rarely home? Whatever the intent Leroy set out to save his marriage it was too late. Norma Jean built the courage to overpower her battles and tell Leroy that she is leaving him. Norma Jean gets up walks away fleeing to the river bluff turning to Leroy waving her arms; she seemed to be doing an exercise with her chest (2007), which is how the story ends. This ending seems to be Norma
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