Lost Island Water Park Persuasive Speech

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You and he need to go get the extra chairs for the Variety show tonight at UMS. It was she who was the winner of the 400. Can you believe that they and we will be going to Walt Disney World in Florida next week? Marsha, Mike, and she will be biking on the trail next weekend, but we can’t go because of a graduation party. Jim, will you please help Vanessa with her history homework? Me, Janie, and Kim are going to lost island water park as soon as it opens in June! Said Jill. I met the governor, Vilsack this summer. It was they who made us laugh at the banquet. If you don’t hurry, we’re going to be late for the movies. She and he will work on that broken radio together and then they will go to eat some Baskin Robbins ice cream when they are finished.
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