Lost-Personal Narrative

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He was lost. He was nervous. He was scared. It was the first day of Highschool. His best friend went to south and he was alone. He tried to make friends with kids in his classes but was rejected. It was like He was a ghost. Then he saw them. In 5th period lunch. The “cool” kids. He decided to attempt to sit by them, thinking, who cares if I get denied, I'm used to it. And guess what happened. He sat down, and as he sat down, he did not realize that he would spend my next 3 years, expending energy, resources, and precious time in trying to please a group of people that at the end of the day, he knew would never be my friends. In an attempt to build a bond, he played football. Yes football. He hated it and wanted to quit after the first week. It was boring, dumb, and time consuming. He wouldn’t come home until 6 o’clock every day, and wouldn’t even start my homework until at least 9. Many days he decided not to do my homework since he was so tired after football. Why? Why did he still play. He wanted to be one of them. He wanted to be a…show more content…
That first weekend thought he finally was accepted, he got an invite to a party. Never bring to a party he did not know what to expect besides finally being able to fit in. Seven p.m. , his parents dropped him off, he walked inside into the basement , and instantly he was hit by a distinct smell. Marijuana. He was shocked but, coming this far, he could not come back. One kid pulled him over and sat him down. The kid said, “ hey man here is a joint”. He took it in his hand , put it up to his mouth, and inhaled. That inhale changed everything. The rest of sophomore year he was hooked. He found other “special” parties to attend, and the effects really showed. Depleted grades, higher anger levels, and an addiction. He could not get enough, he thought the drugs helped him fit in and cope with the fact that the friends he wanted are just not for him. He was an
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