Lost Sparrow Reflection

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Every family has its secrets, but usually those secrets are not revealed on the silver screen for the world to see. The movie, Lost Sparrow, depicts a seemingly happy family that went through the tragedy of losing two brothers that ran away and died. The oldest brother, Chris Billing, eventually finds out why the boys left and is horrified to learn that his father was sexually abusing his adoptive sister, Lana. In the movie, Chris talks about the relationship with his father and describes him as being loving, but distant. In fact, all the children described their own relationship with their father in the same way. I personally found this very interesting because, the way that his father is being viewed by his family and the community, mimics characteristics of the grooming process. The grooming process is a form of preparation an offender uses to gain access to a child, maximize opportunity for sexual contact, and minimize discovery (Craven, Brown, & Gilchrist, 2006). The offender will not only groom the child, but they will also groom family members, people in the community, and themselves (Mcalinden, 2006). Lost Sparrow, is a detailed example of the grooming process being used on the Little Falls community, the Billing family. Understanding the grooming process creates a better picture of the environment these children were living in and explains why Bobby and Tyler felt that the only way they could help their family was to run away and look for help. Stuart grooms his family in separate ways; first his children, then his wife Diann. As stated earlier, Chris describes his relationship with his father as distant. When asked about his father while he was growing up, Greg says, “Most of the time dad wasn’t around. He didn’t really get involved with the family”. In another point in the film he claims, “[Stuart] wanted to see you, but he didn’t want to see you for long”. These statements paint a sad picture. Growing up, their father took care of all their basic necessities, but was very emotionally unavailable. Lana is psychologically groomed by Stuart for years. In a private interview between Chris and his sister Lana, she reveals everything about the abuse she has been enduring while growing up. Lana
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