Lost Tribe

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Lagueu 1 Francis Lagueu Fogang Professor C. Somin English 1C - 6412 4 June 2014 Culture and Civilization of the Massaii tribe Famous American anthropologist and social theorist Clyde Kluckholm , claims in one of his publication that “Every language is also a special way of looking at the world and interpreting experience concealed in the structure of language are a whole set of unconscious assumptions about the world and the life in it”(Writing logically, Thinking critically 7th edition P 35). Based on this theory, we can learn more…show more content…
This might also tell us that, it rains a lot where they live or they have a very long rainy season. Moreover they have only one word meaning “snow”. This could mean it rarely snows during winter where they live. Basing our analysis of the weather and the environment where the Massaii live and the evidence collected from their language, it is possible that they live in the plains which are a great area to grow food and breed animals. The linguistic data provide evidence of the way the Massaii feed themselves. They have dozens of terms meaning grains. One might conclude that they farm a lot and grow mostly grains. They also have eight terms for wheat alone perhaps they feed themselves with different foods where wheat is the main ingredient in the dish. They have words designating “cow”, “pig”, “calf” and “sheep” but no terms for “beef”, “pork”, “veal”, “leather” or “mutton”. These facts show perhaps how animals have a very important place in their lives. They do not eat meat. They do not kill animals or use their skin for leather or fur. Furthermore, we might infer that they breed animals for their milk, and these animals help them in their daily activities such as farming and transporting goods and people from one place to another. All this evidence might suggest that they are vegetarians and animal activists. Lagueu 3 Also, the Massaii

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