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Lost at Sea

The breeze from the Indian Ocean moved across my skin like freshly ironed silk as I stood on the fantail of the aircraft carrier looking up at the night sky. It is an impressive sight to look upon the fires of those uncountable stars. If you were to take the grandest starlit sky that you could imagine, then imagine it after God has thrown another bucket of stars across the dark. That is like the night sky at sea can be.

Flight operations had secured several hours earlier, and I used the opportunity to escape from the steel interior of the ship. I tried to get some fresh air at least once a day to deliver my senses from the smells of jet fuel and sweat that pervaded my world. Days are long when the ship is underway. The
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I had known men that were blown off the flight deck by the blast of jet engines, and they had survived, but that was during the day and they were seen going over. Nobody would even know I was missing until I failed to make the morning muster, by then I would be miles behind the ship. I yelled for help once before a large hand clamped across my mouth and wrenched my head back.

The two propelled me toward the edge of the deck and I felt the ridged sole of a boot push against my lower back. "Bye-bye!" said the high-pitched voice, almost giggling, and I felt the boot push hard as the hands released me. I bounced off the outside rail of the catwalk with my chin and felt my skin tear. There was nothing to grab. The next moment I was windmilling through the air, trying in vain to find a handhold.

When I hit the water, it felt almost solid before I passed through the surface and submerged in the wake of the ship. I felt an instant of renewed panic as I thought of the four twenty-one foot diameter screws that pushed this two-hundred-eighty ton monster on her path, and what they might do to me if I were to be sucked through them. I could hear them turning under the water and I felt suction from the current they generated. I surfaced spitting warm seawater and screaming for help. The only sound to return was the churning water. The giant silhouette of the ship grew smaller as it drew away. I floated in her wake and hoped

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