Lotteria Marketing Plan

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Lotte Co. was originally established in June 1948 in Japan with the aim to provide an internationalization and diversification products and services to customers (Lotte Co. Ltd. 2012). In 1967, Lotte Co. Ltd. expanded their market to Korea, established Lotte Group to offer a modernized food industry and a high-standard lifestyle to their customers (Lotte Group 2012). Nowadays, Lotte has grown into a global company with offices in more than 50 countries worldwide, various sectors and approximately 4,700 employees (Lotte Co. Ltd. 2012). Food and Beverage is still the forte of Lotte Group and has a stable development in the global market especially Japan, China, Russia and
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2. Suppliers
Suppliers are an important factor to the company’s customer value system. The suppliers provide needed sources for Lotteria such as drinks manufactories (Pepsi, Vinamilk), chicken and vegetables from farmers. Moreover, controlling the partnership with them can help to bring the great quality of products as well as service. Rising supply cost can affect the marketing and the sales volume so the marketing managers need to monitor the price trends, also watch supply availability and build good long term relationship with them. 3. Publics
Media Public: Promotions of Lotteria on the Internet, magazines and television. They generate and affect the public opinions and are a great channel to increase the awareness of the consumers.
Internal Public: They are employees of Lotteria. They will get bonuses depending on their performances while working. They can be the opinion leaders among the general public and generate opinions about the working environment as well as product and service of Lotteria, which actually would bring strong reputation for Lotteria in the public. Therefore, Lotteria should provide good working environment.
General Public: Feedbacks are always taken from the customers in order to know about the attitude of the public. Because the general publics’ attitude and behaviors toward product and activities may affects its

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