Lottie's The Art Of Heroine Worship

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Children especially girls capture innocence, gentleness, and preciousness. They possess the ability to melt one’s heart. However, their heart requires attention and protection for it to fully blossom. In The Art of Heroine Worship, Lottie, a sixth grader, encompasses both gentleness and roughness in her actions and the battle for her lies in determining which course of action she will ultimately choose for her life. Factors such as culture and people play a major part in determining this life altering decision. Lottie struggles to embrace the gentleness of her identity while combating the low expectations, harsh standards, and decimating ridicule set before her.
Lottie’s birth results from a scandalous intercourse between a married man and one of his fans. Furthermore, these actions receive scrutiny and judgement from the public and as a result the offspring bears the weight of these critics. Since her parent’s fail to meet the expectations of the people, “everyone wanted to believe Lottie would be a loose woman”. This demonstrates the lowering of expectations set before her result from her parents’ actions rather than her own. The people’s
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They believe the worst because she comes from the worst; however, she possesses power through her beauty, which gifts her with an advantage. This brings a bitter taste to her opponents because one of the main ingredients of harsh standards is the capacity to compare and the one comparing thrives off of the ability to achieve the greater critique. For example, they believe, “this girl is too pretty for her own good”; therefore, to justify this unfair advantage something unfortunate needs to take place. Lottie succeeds in one area of her life, but instead of receiving encouragement, support, and love she carries disapproval and hate from
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