Lotus Analysis : Lotus Management Strategies

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Lotus Management strategies 1.0 introduction As society grows richer and the world is conforming to materialistic needs. The want and demand for “super cars” and “luxury cars” has grown. Thus the luxury car market has become very competitive with a lot of emerging brands competing with existing longstanding brands and as result the market has been flooded(Australian Government, 2015). One of the brands that is struggling to cope is Lotus. Lotus has been a long standing car brand founded in London in 1952 and has a philosophy of less is more, they want everything to be lighter so that they can have smaller engines, smaller brakes and suspension to be able to give the best driving experience and keeping cost as low as possible. This…show more content…
This report will focus on the management practices that Lotus Implements and comparing them to companies that are doing well such as Ferrari and Bentley. The report will conclude with recommendations on how how lotus will can improve it sales and regain its former glory 2.0 Current management Lotus current strategies include a strategy that mimics some strategies in POLC as well as social responsibility. POLC stands for: P: Planning (how to the company goes about crating new ideas as well as strategizing) O: Organising (How well the company allocates tasks to achive best and most efficient final product) L: Leading (How well the company makes decisions as well as the company having leaders to improve motivation) C: Communicating (How well the company manages its system’s and process’s) (Carpenter, Bauer & Erdogan, 2015) Social responsibility is an ethical framework, which suggests that, an entity, be it an organization or individual, has an obligation to act for the benefit of society at large. Social responsibility is a duty every individual has to perform so as to maintain a balance between the economy and the ecosystems(Left Lane, 2015). 2.1 POLC 2.1.1 Planning The first management strategy to focus in will be POLC. The first strategy mentioned in POLC is planning. Lotus really lacks in their ability to plan this can be seen from that they have only been able
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