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Lotus Rental Car 's - Alternative Fuel Vehicles
COMM 215
6 December 2004

Alternative Fuel Vehicles
As a quick statement prior to beginning this assignment I thoroughly enjoyed researching this topic. It has been of personal interest to me for years. I have, in the past (as far back as the 1970 's), invested my personal time researching designs and building prototypes, which utilize alternative fuels for vehicle propulsion and various mechanical motion applications with a practical approach.
This assessment is submitted for the consideration of Lotus Rental Cars Chief Financial Officer, the topic covered is to assist in answering the question of the feasibility of adding alternative fuel vehicles to the rental
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Another AFV energy source is methanol, a type of alcohol. Methanol can be produced from a variety of sources such as coal or natural gas, natural gas being the least costly source. The overall effect of import dependency is relatively the same as that of LNG. Denatured alcohol, or ethanol, can be made from corn and other biomass products. The supply within the United States is very limited at best and foreign supply would be required to fill the demands if ethanol AFV numbers increase. Ethanol is used to reformulate gasoline in California as a substitute for the recent reversal of state guidelines to add Methyl Tertiary-Butyl Ether (MTBE) to gasoline. The total demand within California requires approximately 10% of all ethanol consumed must be imported. Increased demand will increase the need for importation due to California and the United States current production capacity levels. No new ethanol production plants are scheduled for construction at this time therefore guaranteeing the import demands.
Hydrogen, as an energy source for AFV can be used in the form of either an internal combustion engine or a fuel cell where hydrogen is mixed with oxygen to produce electrical power. Current experimentation, testing and development are in process from all major automotive manufacturers in North America, Europe and Japan. There is no infrastructure for the refueling of hydrogen powered vehicles, nor are any readily available hydrogen powered vehicles being produced for
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