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Lou Pritchett : Negotiating the P&G Relations hip with Wal-Mart 指導教授:鍾從定老師 5/12/15 M10322307 M10322310 M10322311 M10324054 M10324055 游涵捷 Joan 廖東睿 Allen 張芳雅 Fang ya Aulia Annisa Izzati 1 Leni Nur Pratiwi Pritchett’s Background • Born in 1931. • Joined P&G in 1953. • President of the company in the Philippine s Responsible for the United States and North Am erica , Europe, Asia, South America , Australia , I ndia, and the Middle East . • The was global experience with customers and suppliers that helped to bring about th e legendary multi-billion dollar partnership with Wal-Mark 5/12/15 2 The market context in the 1980s Push-pull strategy • Push-pull strategy • Consumers to retailers and use it to argue for more vol Push, more -…show more content…
And yet, every month, the sales people call on and want me to change my product mix…. Sam Walton 5/12/15 11 Internal and External Negoiations Realize that: The only contact between P&G and WalMart was sales reps from P&G and buyers from Wal-Mart. Lou Pritchett 5/12/15 Solve: Build on partnership built on trust and committed to a share vision 12 Mapping the Internal Strategy •Defining the problems • Focus on their own customer

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