Loud Nurt Character Analysis

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Elijah Gusick Mrs. Johnson American Government 3 January 2017 Gurd Luk and Gurd Nurt Summary The movie begins on Oct. 25, 1958, at a fancy dinner tribute to Edward R. Murrow, an American broadcast journalist for cbs. Ed Murrow is introduced as a hero who fought against McCarthyism. He comes out and proceeds to make a speech about how journalist have become occupied with only presenting good news in an attempt to hide from the actual matters at hand. In a flashback to 1953 the newsmen at CBS are in a conference room trying to decide news pieces for the next show. McCarthy, a senator who claimed that there were communist spies in every level of government, is brought up, but is immediately shot down due to its controversy. Another topic brought…show more content…
McCarthy is holding a senate hearing on a woman who apparently works in the Pentagon Code Room and is a Communist spy. Although the hearing isn't a real trial, they get the woman fired from her job. The woman in the hearing doesn't actually work in the Code Room and denies any Communist ties, and an FBI agent had only seen her name on a Communist mailing list. The news crew point out several things wrong with the hearing: the woman has the same name as three others in the phone book and McCarthy himself leaves the hearing after only seven questions. Ed brings up all of these points, and also gives McCarthy a chance to defend himself on the…show more content…
The editor mentions that it is against company policy for two employees to be married. The two, in a moment of joy and relief put their rings back on and Joe decides to quit. Then, Bill Paley calls Fred and Ed into his office tells them that CBS lost the Alcoa sponsorship and there will be a mass layoff. Bill tells Ed that his show will be cut down to half the time, moved to Sunday afternoon, and Ed will only be able to do five more shows. Ed and Fred walk to the elevator and say that they might as well go out swinging in their last five shows. Fred mentions that Joe and Shirley were married and Ed appears to be the only one who didn't
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