Loud-Personal Narrative

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We were all in a car My mom,sister and I. We were on our way to my school to get dropped off. Until out of now where we all hear a loud revving coming from an alley way, so we're waiting at a red light and we hear the revving getting even louder and louder. My mom was getting scared we thought it was gun shots or a war has just began that's how loud it was. While we were still waiting for this long, long red light we see the truck come on to the road and start to burn out in front of us. So we see the light finally turn green and so my mom drifts and turns around so then we take off and start to drive fast on the long scary road where people say it's haunted. Until we get away and we found a parking spot in a random scary garage. 20…show more content…
We had to wait for a couple of hours and my mom does not like to wait, but we had to go back to the car, so we jumped back into the car and took off from the police station. We wanted to get food cause we haven't ate'n all day. We go to MC Donald's a get hamburgers and after we ate, we had left the place. After all what just happened, but then when we were sitting at a red light we hear the same revving and its to loud for us too hear each other speak, so we look back and the truck is right behind us again. My mom gets out of the car and say, '' What do you want from us what did we do to deserve this we did nothing to bother you leave us alone.'' My mom gets back in the car and we take off then all of a sudden BOOM! we get hit by a big red truck. After all the impact we just past out and a couple of minutes later my mom is yelling saying, '' Get up there car is burning we must go''. So we all get out and alive and the lady from a big red truck has a broken arm and is laughing. 5 hours later the cops show up they said, Are you guys OK.'' Mom respond, '' Yes we are were just a little hurt but we will be
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