Loudoun County Public Schools: Case Study

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I am writing as a concerned Loudoun County parent, with two children attending Catoctin Elementary School, and a daughter who attends JL Simpson Middle School. As you are aware, the Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Purdue is visiting Catoctin Elementary school today. In the past Loudoun County schools have hosted administration officials from both political parties; however, I cannot recall a time when a major national policy announcement perceived as controversial was enacted on one of these visits during school hours.
Political visits should be nonpartisan in nature. That is, the primary visit should be to share what their role is in government, and observe the needs of the school, and its students. Most reasonable people would agree with this. I cannot fathom why the leaders of the Loudoun County Public School system would permit a visit that has been received by many as political in nature. The current state of the political climate is contentious. Inviting this into our schools is to the detriment of the children. It is unhelpful. It promotes the divisiveness that we are seeing throughout the county. Children, the most innocent of our society, should not be subjected to a media frenzy,
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Eric DeKenipp, chooses to utilize his position on social media to exacerbate the divisive rhetoric plaguing the nation. Not only is this an impediment to our local community, but it stifles progress and promotes division. Mr. DeKenipp should be encouraged to tone down his political rhetoric, and be reminded that the purpose of him serving as a school board member is to act as a steward of the educational welfare of the students within his district. Perverting this role for personal political ambition is improper and unethical. If the county does not have a Code of Ethics in place for school board members, it is strongly suggested that one be
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