Louis 2nd Crusade

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How far was King Louis VII responsible for the failure of the second crusade? (24 marks) There were many reasons for the failure of the second crusade. One of these was definitely the mistakes made by Louis VII but there were also other reasons that inffluenced the failure of the crusade. These included the lack of Byzantine aid by Manuel Commenus and also the rivalry between Kings. Firstly, Byzantiu did play a part in the failure of the failure of the second crusade. One reason for this was that Manuel was more concerned with Byzantines position than the fate and position of the crusader states. Manuel saw the crusade as an inconvenience as it prevented him from his plans to attack Sicily, this resulted in him giving the crusade…show more content…
This decision resulted in the crusade becoming a weaker force as the Muslim forces were becoming more united and stronger resulting in them having more man power. The final reasons for the failure of the crusade were the mistakes made by Louis VII and how they effected the overall progression of the crusade. Firstly, Louis had an unclear focus of going on the crusade. He was reluctant to embark at fist which meant he didn’t have much belief in the outcomes himself. He went to seek repentance for the massacre he had committed at Vitry, so just like most of the crusaders he was not focused on saving the East he was looking for a spiritual reward. He also failed to swear fealty to Manuel after attacking the Greeks. This resulted in the Byzantium’s refusing to send aid to Louis after he had asked. The little help from the Byzantium’s meant that the crusade lacked the aid and support they needed to keep a large amount of their soldiers alive. This resulted in high death rates, decreasing number of troops and lack of man power. Overall Louis lacked the qualities of a leader he had poor organisation and preparation skills as well as the lack of decision making. When he decided to travel to Antioch by sea he didn’t have the supplies to do this effectively. This meant he lost a large number of troops before even getting to the location. His

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