Louis Armstrong And Duke Ellington

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As we all know that over the years the music genre Jazz has changed dramatically. With all the changes that has happened some aspects of the genre remained or endured little change. One trait in jazz that remained throughout all the success of the genre is certain composers. The instruments had a slight change through the years but it still continue to be tight throughout.

Throughout jazz there is a couple of ledges that had their hands in the success of the jazz genre as a whole. Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington are two composters that single handily contributed to the evolution of jazz. Both Louis and Armstrong performed for over fifty years. With this amount of time performing they both touch many eras in jazz. Although Duke was very influential during this time period I like Louie timeline more. Most likely because we are both from New Orleans and I feel closer to him.

Before Armstrong had a great influenced on jazz music there was the Dixieland. So, before Louis Armstrong came around everyone was playing the Dixieland style of music. Dixieland style was more of the classical orchestrated structures. Within the bad everyone knew their roles and that wasn’t change. Everyone knew that the Bass was there for the low-pitched walking baseline which outlined the harmony. That the piano provided the syncopated commentary along with comping and the guitar provided the solos. While the drums provided things like swing, kicked of the solos and many more. Dixieland was
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