Louis Braille Essay

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               Louis Braille Louis Braille was born in the Coupvray, France on January 4, 1809. His mother and father were Monique and Simon René Braille. Louis was the youngest of four other children. Their names were Louis-Simon, Catherine-Josephine, and Marie-Celine.      Louis’ father, Simon René, was a saddler. He made saddles and harnesses for horses. His father had also been a saddler. Louis family led a simple, ordinary life. They owned their farmhouse and seven and a half acres of land. Louis dad’s workshop was also on this land. The Braille’s didn’t have that much money, but there was always plenty of food on the…show more content…
A friend of Louis wanted to help him find a way to live on his own. He knew Louis was very smart and was capable of learning just by listing to the teacher, so Palluy when to the schoolmaster in town. The schoolmaster was a newcomer to Coupvray. He was an eager young teacher who did not care what other people though of him, so he let Louis in to his school. Louis went to school every day with one of his friends. He listened to his teacher every day. He seemed to understand and remember everything he heard.      The schoolmaster remembered that Paris had a special school for the blind. Palluy decided to try to enroll Louis in the special school. On February 15, 1819, Louis went to Paris with his dad to see the new school he would be enrolling in. The schools name was the Royal Institution for Blind Children. When Louis and his father finely got to Paris, Louis was very happy to be there. They were dropped off at the edge of the city. They walked to the Latin Quarter. This area of Paris was known for its many schools. Louis’ school was located on the Left Bank of the Seine River. Louis and his dad walked until they found the school at 68 Rue Saint-Victor. After Louis had settled in, he learned quickly to his teachers requirements. At the age of 13 Louis was finding out that all the systems that he was being taught were to difficult for him and other children. He worked on some of the systems, one in
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