Louis Giannetti Neorealism

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Neorealism, as the name suggests, is a new realism. Louis Giannetti gives a definition in the book Understanding Movies that “Strongly realistic in its techniques, neorealism emphasized documentary aspects of film art, stressing loose episodic plots, unextraordinary event and characters, natural lighting, actual location settings, nonprofessional actors, a preoccupation with poverty and social problems, and an emphasis on humanistic and democratic ideas.” (Giannetti, 2004, 538). Bicycle Thieves and Pather Panchali are two movies that represent this style.
First, Bicycle Thieves is a representative work of Italian neorealism. Italian neorealism actually rose in frustration. After World War II, all neglected matters in Italy were yet to be dealt with. Reflected in the area of film production, the war destroyed the film factory and created scarcity of resources. The film industry was almost breakdown. In such an environment, low-budget film emerged as the time required. In Bicycle Thieves, the main characters, the unemployed worker and his son, were played by two non-professional actors. Their acting is really powerful. The father’s cry at the end of the movie touches the heart. Maybe he had a natural good acting, but I prefer that the realistic experience brought up such
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The actors in this kind of film may be not professional, but they are close to the characters; The directors do not want the best equipment and studio; they even do not need professional post-production; they would not choose a big event, because they believe that small potatoes and little incidents also can record society. Reflected in the specific works, Bicycle Thieves and Pather Panchali adopted this attitude. Both of these two movies seems full of non-professional. But they use non-professional created miracle. Because of Indian background, Pather Panchali have more native style, which is not focus on the aftermath of war, but the people in the bottom of
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