Louis Island: A Fictional Narrative

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“I’m sorry I left you alone on a roof. That was really crappy of me.”

“Don’t worry about it. I thought you were properly pissed at me. I think I got sunburnt from waking up at... like a middle of the day, next time do me a solid and put some sunscreen on my unconscious body before you bail.”

Harry let out something that felt like a laugh, his shoulders shaking ever so slightly coaxing a reluctant smile from Louis’ lips.

“Sorry, I’ll remember to do that next time.”

“If I’m honest I hope there isn’t a next time.”

Louis found his brows furrowing wondering what Harry could have meant by that, five seconds ago he was saying how much he mattered to him. He was about to say something else when Harry cut in.

“Because I hope next time you are going to stay with me until morning.”

Louis pulled back so
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His throat no longer felt swollen, lips no longer trembled.

“You should stay. You can’t go back to your flat the way it is. So stay with me, until you can find a new place that is.”

Louis again swore everyone in the room could hear his heart beat. He looked down to the creature tucked behind his legs and found it to be the one-eyed tabby. He raised a brow at it and found himself surprised as it let out a soft purr. He guessed it had warmed to him at least partially.

“I don’t know Harry I don’t want to impose or-” Harry didn’t even let him finish.

“You aren’t imposing Lou.”

Harry’s arms tightened around Louis’ smaller frame, this was a new form of fascination. It wasn’t all lustful, though Louis could easily find himself lusting after Harry it was more than that by far. His heart beat quicker, his palms grew sweaty and for one he thought that just lying there together might be good enough. Harry’s arms were good enough to hold him together, to keep him sane.

“Stay with me… please?”

What else could Louis say to that?

“Y-yeah… okay. I’ll
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