Louis Joseph Watteau's Contribution to French Art

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He was born April 10, 1731, and he died on August 27, 1798. Louis was the great nephew of great painter Jean-Antoine Watteau and he was the son of Joseph Watteau (1689-1756) and the brother of Jean-Antoine Watteau. Hence, it is clear that Louis Joseph Watteau had the advantage of being part of an extremely talented family. Louis Joseph Watteau was apparently instrumental in the creation of the museum of Fine Arts in Lille (which was launched in 1803 but much of the groundwork for this museum was laid by Watteau). (Art Finding).
According to Art Finding, Louis Joseph Watteau was the individual responsible for the ""¦first inventory of paintings confiscated during the French Revolution." Watteau was an apprentice in 1738-1739 (at the age of 7 and 8) prior to moving to Paris to study with Jacques Dumont ("the Roman"). Watteau also studied at the Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture and in 1755 (at the age of 24) he was appointed to be professor of art at the School of Design in Lille (Art Finding). In 1757 Louis Joseph Watteau married Agnes Dandois in Maubeuge, France, and the couple had 12 children, including Francis. He is considered one of the "main architects of the founding of the Academy of Valenciennes in 1783" (Art Finding).…
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