Louis Pasteur in Public Health

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Louis Pasteur in Public Health Samantha R. James PU-120 December 20, 2011 Adrian Cooksey Louis Pasteur in Public Health Louis Pasteur is a man of many talents; his greatest gift was his intelligence and patience without it the medical field and the public health system would not be where it is today. Through his patience and diligence Pasteur was able to make several advances in chemistry, microbiology, immunizations and preservations. In 1857 he developed the Germ Theory of fermentation and putrefaction, these theories assisted in the surgical revolution of antiseptics developed by Joseph Lister. He has laid the foundations for epidemiology and the defining rules for personnel hygiene. Many people believed that his theories were…show more content…
Anthrax was slaughtering farm animals mostly, sheep; through investigations of healthy and diseased animals he was able to cultivate a vaccine to control the bacteria. (Toledo-Pereyra, 2009), and he did the exact same thing with Chicken Cholera. In 1881 Pasteur began the study of the viral disease called rabies. Rabies attacks the central nervous system of warm blooded animals including humans. According to (Harrigan, 2011). “Animal symptoms may have the appearance of being sick, crazed, act vicious or may be over friendly, docile, and confused. Human symptoms may be pain or tingling sensation from the bite site, high fever, confusion, seizures and coma. Once an animal or individual is infected and they show signs of symptoms they rarely live.”(Symptoms). Pasteur began his investigations by studying “infected rabies animals to get an understanding of the disease’s cycle. He discovered that the spinal cords of dying rabbits with rabies could be kept no infected by maintaining them in a sterile, dried air for two weeks. He developed a system of various concentrations of inoculated material; he was able to protect the animals. (Toledo-Pereyra, 2009). According to Encyclopedia of World Biography (2011) On 1885 Pasteur was brought a nine-year-old boy by the name of Joseph Meister who had been badly mauled by a rabid dog, with the permission from the boys physician he administered the vaccination treatments. The
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