Louis Riel Essay

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Patriote or Traitor?

Louis Riel was born in 1844. He was captured and executed by Canadian authorities in November 16, 1885. He was a leader who gave up his life and time to fight for the right of the Metis, Indians and the western settlers. He was an well-educated young man fluent in both French and English. He was also selected as the Metis’s spokesman to negotiate with the Canadian government. During the 1869-70, he led the rebel when Canada purchases Manitoba from the Hudson’s bay company. Also, he organized and led a similar rebellion in 1885. Above all, is he a patriote or a traitor? It was inappropriate to accuse Riel as a traitor. He tried to defend the traditional rights of Metis and made sure they treated as equally as the
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However, the Metis had never been consulted by either Hudson’s Bay Company or the Canadian government during the period of negotiations. The Canadian government ignored the resentment from the Metis by sending surveyors to the Red River Valley. The Surveyors treated the Metis quite badly, even caused physical abuses. The Metis needed someone who understood the Canadian law and willing to help them in defending their rights. They chose Louis Riel as their leader. When Riel knew how the surveyors treated his people, he and some followers quickly reacted to the threat posed by the Canadian government. Riel formed an organization called the Comite National des Metis to defend his people. After Riel setup this organization, they took another action to protect their rights. They blocked William McDougall from entering Red River without any violent incidents in order to allow negotiations with the Canadian government. Then, Riel organized a provisional government to ensure law and order in the area until an elected assembly was created since Metis were not opposed to becoming part of Canada. Moreover, they had sworn allegiance to the Queen to show their loyalty. Riel, as a patriote had shown his loyalty and care to Canada. As a patriote, Riel rather sees Red River area becomes part of Canada, instead of the United States. Throughout the years, the Canadian government had denied the Metis their rights to decide their own fate. Decisions were made without
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