Louis Riel Summary

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The second part of the comic strip biography “Louis Riel” by Chester Brown, starts off in early September 1870 in St. Joseph, Dakota territory. Louis Riel is reading a note which talks about how the Canadian soldiers have wreaked havoc on the Red River Colony. It talks about how some Métis men had been murdered and quite a few were beaten. Women had also been raped in the settlement too. “The Canadian soldiers have brought a reign of fear to the Red River settlement.” This is an excerpt from the note Louis Riel was reading. Also, Schultz returned and was basically running things. The comic-strip biography then fasts forwards to the summer of 1871. Louis Riel is reading another note now. This one is talking about how the land the people of the settlement had been promised by the Canadian government was being given to people from Eastern Canada. The exceptional rich farmland was being given to the British farmers and the requests for land were being delayed. After this Riel goes to his mother’s house in the settlement and finds that many of the soldiers have went home. His mother though, warns him to lay low. The story then shifts and fast forwards to Ottawa in the December of 1871, about five to seven months later. Father Ritchot has arranged a meeting with John Alexander Macdonald to discuss amnesty for Louis Riel’s crimes. Father Ritchot immediately confronts John Alexander Macdonald, demanding to know why the amnesty was not granted. John Alexander Macdonald responds by
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