Louis Visual Analysis

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The visual has conveyed many interesting concepts and hidden meanings that regard remembrance. The images of interest correspond to a variety of ideas that follow along this concept. One of the ideas conveyed is that Amy finds the city a very dull place. Another idea expressed in the image is that the box in the second image is a way to help her remember the person mentioned in the text “Louis”. The final idea is that the image with Amy and Amy’s mother in the city, Amy and Amy’s mother are not familiar with the new area.

The illustrator uses colour and tone to show that Amy feels like the city is a dull place, because she can’t do what she enjoyed in her previous dwelling. The technique of colours is used to make the first image feel depressing
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Digging holes and building towers and Louis being mentioned on the same page in the text shows that these three things must have a connection in some way. The box represents all of those things. The inside of the box represents the holes that Amy and Louis dug, the height of the box represents the towers that Amy and Louis built, and the box overall represents Louis, because Amy and Louis built the towers and dug the holes together. Another technique that conveys this idea through colour and tone. This technique is shown through the boxes shades of brown used in its colours. It is a mixture of different shades of brown. These different browns make the box look aged. The aging of the box represents how long it has been since Amy moved away from Louis. As this box were to get older, it would represent how long Amy and Louis have been apart, and how long Amy has only been able to remember Louis. The age of the box can tell the responder, and Amy, how long she has been remembering them. Therefore, the idea that the box is a way to help Amy remember Louis has been clearly demonstrated through the techniques symbolism and colour and
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