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The Louis Vuitton bag: just an expensive bag or is there more to the product?
A product analysis essay (1910 words)

Almost everybody in the world knows the brand Louis Vuitton and can recognize the famous logo and patterns they use on bags. Louis Vuitton is the most valuable luxury brand in the world, followed by Hermes and Rolex. Over the years famous people and rich people who have excessive amounts of money on their bank accounts, have bought their products. If the average person on the street would have to describe a stereotype of the Louis Vuitton owner the description would probably be in this direction; the owner would wear designer clothes, big sunglasses and the Louis Vuitton bag over their shoulder with a Chihuahua in it. I
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It is very nice to see that Louis Vuitton also thinks about this environmental aspect. You cannot say that they do everything perfectly, but I like to see that they are aware of the environment and that they took some dispositions over the past years. It would be revolutionary to see Louis Vuitton creating a 100% eco-friendly recyclable bag, but I don’t think it would be realistic nor their biggest success. In my opinion, not every product in the world should become 100% ecological; there should also be room for luxury products like this, as long companies do not take advantage of Mother Nature. I think their actions are good already, they can be expanded more in the future and I hope to see them doing this the upcoming years.
The following topic I would like to discuss is ergonomics: how is the product adapted to the user? The product is highly adapted to the user, since Louis Vuitton has a test laboratory to investigate how the products will last after intensive use by the owner. They do several types of tests, for example lift and drop the bag, loaded with 3.5 kilo, at a height of a half meter to the floor over and over for four days in a row. They test their zippers by opening and shutting them 5,000 times. They shake the bag with a mechanised hand to make sure the charms don’t fall of. Of course the design is also adapted to the user by having lots of useful pockets on the inside of the bag to store personal items and when you buy for example a wallet, they are
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