Louis Vuitton analysis

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Table of Contents 1.0 Executive summary This report is basically about how does a company conducted its market segmentation, targeting and positioning strategies in the industry and marketing mix strategy. I have chose Louis Vuitton(LV) as my topic to continue my research and report. The market size, market segmentation, positioning strategy and macro environment analysis of LVMH is discussed in the report. The SWOT analysis of LVMH is also being discussed briefly. Besides, the marketing mix strategy of LVMH which is 4Ps is also being further discussed in this report. The product line and product mix of LVMH, new product that being suggested, the pricing strategy of LVMH and the price of new products are also being discussed.…show more content…
The products that sell by Gucci and LVMH are very similar. Their products are both high in price, and good in quality. So, their customer royalty will not be affected by lower price, their customer stress on the product quality. In addition, the brand image is extremely important for them to hold their customer royalty. 2.3 Market segmentation LVMH target both men and women, at the age of 18 to 65 years old. Besides, some brand lovers will choose to buy LVMH products rather than other brand’s products. LVHM products are sells exclusively and are fashionable. Therefore, LVMH products are very suitable for brand lovers and stylish. Besides, LVHM products are good in quality and have a long product life. The most important thing is LVHM products are extremely fit into high-class society. Besides, the variety product line of LVHM attracts different styled customer in high class society. The income of customers of LVMH is in around $5,500 and above. So, LVMH customer does not have any financial problem to purchase a LVMH product. 2.4 Macro environmental issues Macro environment of a company can be analyzes by using PEST analysis. PEST stands for Political, Economical, Sociocultural and Technology. PEST analysis is to find out the opportunities and threats of a company. LVMH is a big company which has a lot of employees. Thus, it needs a lot more effort than other smaller company to manage its workforce. As
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