Louis Vuitton in Japan

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MKT 321 International Marketing Management Case Study 2: Louis Vuitton in Japan 1. What are the key success factors of LV in Japan? Since Louis Vuitton entered the Japan market in 1968, it became the most popular luxury brand in Japan by having 28 percent share in Japan’s market. The key success of LV in Japan is mainly contributed by the appropriate balance in keeping the brand globalized while localized at certain areas for the Japanese. To achieve this outcome, the consistency in product quality, fashion appeal and brand image were carefully controlled and ultimately the Japanese developed an obsession towards LV. Being a world-class luxury brand having a long history, LV does not need to localize its brand image in order…show more content…
3. What stimulates such a high demand for LV in Japan? What puts Louis Vuitton over its competitors in Japan? LV was demanded by a large amount of Japanese because it understands their consumers more. Japanese shoppers have a quest for perfection with their culture. LV providing high quality products which made it distinctive when comparing to its competitors thus fulfill the need of the Japanese consumers. In order to make sure the quality of the products, each product produced by LV must pass a rigorous control. They also have a perfect balance between mechanization and handmade. For the product design, not only the designer is responsible for this category. When the marketing team found that consumers have high demand for a certain product, they modified an existing bag and sent it to production later on. It is clear that LV response to their consumers more and quicker. 4. Was there any strategy undertaken by LV to enter the Japanese market? When entering the Japanese market initially, LV is hoping to tackle the problem of counterfeit goods in Asia region. Therefore LV has not changed its image or localized itself in different aspects so as to attract the Japanese consumers. However, it is also a kind of strategy that is appropriate for the Japanese consumers. As the Japanese consumers thirst for a high-end European brand which is the image of what a luxury brand should be liked, LV entered the Japanese market successfully. Some examples
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