Louis Vuitton 's Leading International Fashion House And The World 's Most Valuable Luxury Designer Brand

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Executive summary Louis Vuitton has successfully gained the title of the world’s leading international fashion house and the world’s most valuable luxury designer brand (O’Connor, 2015). Through their three 3P’s (Brand Promise, Brand Positioning and Brand Performance), it has triumphantly upheld its advantage over its contenders by not only supplying their customers with outstanding products that are incomparable in quality and features, but also offer a customer service atmosphere that is unlike any other (Fill, 2013). New surfacing Markets such as China, has also helped Louis Vuitton to continue to successfully expand, confirm and reinforce position and credibility of their business (Fill, 2013). Louis Vuitton strives on their…show more content…
Louis Vuitton is an international brand that believes in its brand equity, value and loyalty and has therefore fully pledged to provide products that meet customer satisfaction through quality assurance – there is currently no company that is causing an immense threat to the brand’s identity (O’Connor, 2015). Although Louis Vuitton has the present market lead, it must be observant of their competitors’ and be quick to respond to any sudden changes (Kotler, Armstrong and Harris, 2013). Louis Vuitton has the responsibility of remaining consistent and true to their values. Introduction Louis Vuitton is a French fashion house that was established by Louis Vuitton Malletier in 1854 by manufacturing travelling trunks in Paris (Holborow, 2012). Louis’ high-quality travelling trunks were such a success in the 1850s that he had to expand his business by relocating to Asniéres (Biography, 2015). As the years went on, Louis gained international recognition by winning a bronze medal at the 1867 World Fair and a gold medal at 1889 World Fairs both held in Paris (Infoplease, 2007). After Louis died in 1892, his son George took over and took over and produced what is recognised as the world’s first ‘designer label’ on a product. George designed a distinctive designer logo; beige-on-chestnut monogram canvas of an intertwined “LV”; featuring flowers, diamonds and circles – this
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