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Louis XIV (1638-1715) Although Louis XIV, also known as Louis the Great, brought death and destruction through his wars, there are many positive aspects of his reign, such as the creation of Versailles and the building of France’s national army. He did what had never been done before. He changed the lifestyle and the attitude of France by creating one of the most powerful monarchies ever to be built and at the same time, reassured all the nobility and other wealthy groups of their political and social standings. He made it clear that he was the final decision maker yet he still needed the help of the nobility and other authorities. Louis XIV was born on September 5, 1638 in a little town called Saint-Germain-en-Laye of France. He…show more content…
In 1660, Louis married Marie-Theresa of Austria, the daughter of the King of Spain, in order to keep peace between France and Spain. Louis’ childhood had come to an end and now it was time to take control. This was something that no one believed Louis XIV was capable of. Cardinal Marazin died on March 9, 1661. This was a turning point in Louis’ life. Louis announced that he was going to take on full responsibility for the ruling of the kingdom. This shows an example of how Louis did not follow tradition. This marked the end of the power of the French nobility. There was no longer going to be a chief minister. Louis wanted to deal with the nobles directly. He had a new way of dictatorship, which Louis claimed was by divine right. Louis XIV viewed himself as a representative of God and considered all rebellion and disobedience sinful. He believed that he had the right to dictate because he was put on Earth by God to rule. Another thing that Louis changed was the appearance and way of life of France. These great towns of France went under a sort of "metamorphosis". The landscape was altered and monuments were built everywhere. Louis decided that he wanted to isolate the center of government from the city of Paris, so he constructed the palace of Versailles. It was an object of universal admiration and enhanced French prestige. It became Louis’ permanent address in 1682 and was also the home to thousands of the more important nobles, royal officials, and

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